Growth of technology

Growth of technology

Genistein prevents the activation of EGF-R and also the increase of collagenase mRNA Pura Bella caused by ultra violet sun rays in vivo. Some cosmeceuticals offer benefits with oestrogen creams that may decrease skin atrophy and bovine collagen loss, but there aren't enough research to aid this.


It's possible by using the growth of technology growth factors, cytokines or telomerase, can be found in the long run and also have an anti-aging potential. The makeup will also help to cover some wrinkles, grooves as well as acquire a perceptual effect increasing the contours from the face.


l Polypodium leucotomos protects against UVB and UVA phototoxicity, protects against polymorphous solar eruption and solar hives. It's also antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. We have an SPF equal to 3-8.


Once a ketogenic state is achieved, we can begin to introduce certain carbohydrates and still maintain that change or that metabolic adaptation in which we give preference to the oxidation or burning of free fatty acids. 


During what time is recommended to make this diet? Socially it is practically impossible to do it 100%, the exposure to events and situations where there is an abundance of sugars and processed foods make it very uphill.